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Inner Skin Collapse

Inner Skin Collapse

INNER SKIN COLLAPSE................

Yes, that's what it is called.  You buy the Best Creams, Save up your money for Expensive Fillers and you Skin is still saggy.  We all know that over the course of time our face, and body just unfortunately starts to sag as we begin to lose the Protein, Elasticity, and Collagen our Body once produced.  TIME TO TAKE CHARGE!  Wake our Body up to the Stimulation needed to start Producing these necessities for our Youthful Appearance Once Again.  The Answer is Simple; It's called a Facial.  Yes, many of you may think this is just a Promotional Feed but, the stimulation and massage along with the use of the Kansa Wand we use here at Lavender's Lair Skin &  Body Studio during our Facials promotes Blood Circulation, Oxygen distribution which then builds Collagen, building Elasticity, promoting the protein and ending the Inner Skin Collapse.  Not to Mention easing one's Stress of our everyday lives.  Think of the Facial as building your basic foundation.  Your fillers & products as enhancing that overall foundation.  Together....your possibilities are LIMITLESS!  <3 
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