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Inner Skin Collapse
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2020 The Year of the Mask

                                                              2020 The Year of the Mask.

Why bother with Skin Care at all if we have to wear a Mask every time we step out the door?  I'm hoping that you really aren't even considering that thought.  In the 19 years I have been doing Skin Care, I have found that the masks that are necessary to keep us free of germs has reeked havoc on our skin.

Inner Skin Collapse

INNER SKIN COLLAPSE................

Yes, that's what it is called.  You buy the Best Creams, Save up your money for Expensive Fillers and you Skin is still saggy.  We all know that over the course of time our face, and body just unfortunately starts to sag as we begin to lose the Protein, Elasticity, and Collagen our Body once produced.  TIME TO TAKE CHARGE!  Wake our Body up to the Stimulation needed to start Producing these necessities for our Youthful Appearance Once Again.  The Answer is Simple; It's called a Facial.  Yes, many of you may think this is just a Promotional Feed but, the stimulation and massage along with the use of the Kansa Wand we use here at Lavender's Lair Skin &  Body Studio during our Facials promotes Blood Circulation, Oxygen distribution which then builds Collagen, building Elasticity, promoting the protein and ending the Inner Skin Collapse.  Not to Mention easing one's Stress of our everyday lives.  Think of the Facial as building your basic foundation.  Your fillers & products as enhancing that overall foundation.  Together....your possibilities are LIMITLESS!  <3 

Choosing the correct Filler

     With all the different Fillers out there, how do you know which one to chose?  Here are some ideas what the different types of Fillers can do for you.

     Let's start with Botox.  Although Botox is not considered a Filler it does correct the lines that occur from the eyes & up to the forehead area.  This includes crows feet, the glabella area ( the area between your eyes ) and of course the forehead area.  Botox became FDA approved for these areas in the face in 2002.

Roscea tips

Roscea tips.................

Rosceacan show it's ugly head in several ways....

Redness       this manifests as abnormal swelling and emptying of blood vessels over and over again until the blood vessels just pop.

Remedy.....  avoid triggers, such as spicy foods, red wine, alcohol, heat and extreme cold.  Keep facial supplies, such as moisturizers and face creams in the refrigerator....Evening Primrose oils and Seabuckthorn oil known to help calm Roscea.

Hand Rejuvenation

    Our hands reveal a lot....Sometimes too much.  Constant exposures to environmental aggressors, UV rays, detergents, water and being in constant use makes our hands more vulnerable to thin, wrinkly skin, dryness and age spots.  Hands need daily support and rejuvenating treatments, just as the face does.  I once had a man say to me that he could always tell a woman's age by the her hands.  That always bothered me, since my main focus was always facial rejuvenation.

The importance of Chemical Peels

I found an article that I thought was right on and I'd like to share with my favorite ladies. ............. You probably don't often think about cell turnover that the behind the scenes process determines the luminosity of your skin. The reason skin looks so bright in your teens is that it doesn't have mounds of dead cells on its surface, at that age dead skin cells fall off every 28 days but by adulthood some cells hold on 40, 50, 60, days. Not only does skin look duller from those old cells but slower cell turnover also triggers lost collagen production, which results in a loss of firmness and more wrinkles. Luckily, there's an easy way to turn up your turn over and get your skins glow back and it's called the chemical peel. In the few minutes that the peel appears on your face it unglues the bands connecting dead cells to the surface of your skin so that they can fall away. When the cells come off, your skin senses that it has lost some of its volume and starts to make new skin cells. The loss also sends a signal to fibroblast cells deep in your skin to increase the skins level of hyaluronic acid and begin collagen production which makes skin thicker and less crepy. Now is the perfect time to schedule your Chemical Peel.our post here.

Eyelash Extensions Before & After Photos

Eyelash  Extensions with Lavender at Lavender's Lair. If you are local to our area, call to set your appointment for yours!

Before & After Photos


COLLAGEN is a fibrous protein used to connect and support other body tissues.  Collagen works with keratin to provide the skin with strength, resilience, firmness and suppleness.  The glue that holds the body together.
Collagen contains amino acids such as glycine, proline, hydroxyprolene and arginine and makes up 30% of the proteins within the body.
With age, collagen production slows and the cells structures weaken.  Skin gets thinner, hair becomes lifeless, skin sags and wrinkles begin to occur.

Which products are best for YOU?

Which products are Best for YOU?
Shopping for skin care products has become more & more confusing, with all the new product lines and claims of skin renewal.
Let's start with the process of elimination......What do YOU really need?
First off, products claiming to reverse the signs of aging, put them back on the shelf. That's why we have surgery, do fillers, get Botox and use retina.  Concentrate on anti-aging prevention.  You can not turn back the clock...
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